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Exeter Bike Park has a Dual Slalom track. Why hasn’t every bike park?

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Exeter Bike Park hasn’t been around that long and so, relatively speaking is still a new kid on the block. Yet! over the summer they added a new Dual Slalom track i.e. a two folk race track. 

Forte Trailscapes did the build of this short track which has lots of fun features, which will make for some exciting bar to bar racing with your mates. 


Exeter Bike Park is a neat venue that also has a number of short blue, red, and black runs. You can book via their website. Also, it is eMTB friendly.


Dual tracks are awesome fun and a great way to develop skills as technique progression from naturally increasing speed each time and stupid levels of fun are built-in. One of the best I used to ride regularly was at Chicksands Bike Park. Surprisingly though, you just don’t find them around that much. They seem to go in and out of MTB fashion rather than be the de facto basic addition of all bike parks they should be (in my humble opinion). I struggle to count on one hand the number of bike Parks I’ve come across with a Dual-track. Where Is your favourite? and why hasn’t every bike park got one? 


Check out the Exeter Bike Park listing here on the site (leave it a review or upload your media please) and do as always check out their site-specific Facebook page before going to check conditions and opening notices. Spread the word! Thanks. 

Published: 12/12//2021

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