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The official trails in Clyne Valley Country Park are getting a much-needed makeover from professional mountain bike trail builders On Track. Here’s a quick rundown of what you need to know:

Trail Enhancements:

  • Trails Affected: Climb, Millers, and Sanitised Strip
  • Work Scope: Comprehensive repairs including surface digging, trail feature restoration, culvert repairs/replacements, and drainage improvements
  • Materials: Use of composite materials for new posts and fencing for durability

Maintenance Details:

  • Equipment: Small machinery and handheld tools will be used, ensuring minimal disruption
  • Storage: Temporary material storage in a small area of Mill Lane car park
  • Access Routes: Minimal use of the access track to Keeper’s Cottage and the Old Railway Path, ensuring they remain open for visitors

Tree and Ecological Safety:

  • Tree Removal: Hazardous trees will be removed following assessments by an arboriculturist
  • Ecological Assessments: An ecologist will check for roosting bats and nesting birds, obtaining necessary permissions if needed

Timeline and Closures:

  • Tree Removal: To begin in the coming months
  • Trail Work Start Date: Expected in September
  • Trail Closures: Temporary closures during tree removal and maintenance for safety
  • Signage: Will be placed around the Park to keep visitors informed

Community Involvement:

  • Questions and Feedback: Post on Clyne Riders or contact the Council directly at
  • Annual General Meeting: Will be held in about three weeks to address any questions

Check out the Moos Trails and Clyne Woods XC Trails ( listing. 

Published: 06/07//2024

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