DMBinS Offer The DIRTT Volunteer Trail Dig Leader Course

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Did you know that DMBinS offers a program called the DIRTT Volunteer Trail Dig Leader course? It's a brilliant initiative to help local Trails Associations know how to work with landowners, use the best trail-building techniques, create sustainable trails, and organise work parties to manage trails.

In the course you will learn to:

  • Liaise with a landowner and secure permission to maintain an existing or build a new trail using hand tools
  • Inspect an existing trail and develop a series of maintenance tasks to upgrade the trail
  • Organise a work party (size can vary between location) to maintain a new trail using hand tools
  • Remove unnecessary dangerous elements on a trail – brashing branches, fall zones, sight lines (especially on trail exits and crossing points)
  • Build or improve the maintenance of a trail using techniques such as bench cuts and grade reversals
  • Build or improve the drainage of a trail to improve the sustainability of the trail
  • Where appropriate, be able to build commonly used technical trail features, such as berms, table tops, rock gardens, rock armour, stone pitching holes, and eroded areas

It involves 3 hours of online training pre & post-course. Also, there are 2 full days of in-person days with a mixture of theory and practical sessions. It costs  £195 per person. Custom course: 8 people = £1350 or 12 people = £2000. More details here

We found out about it as noticed on socials that the newly formed Ae Bike Association who are working on their agreement with Forestry and Land Scotland to enable them to take on stewardship of the unofficial trails in the forest just took part. 

Be amazing if this was UK-wide. What do folk think? Maybe you are a UK trail association reading this? Let us know what you think of this development in the Comments and Discussion section below.

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