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Latest News S stumpy_dan February 03, 2018 5443
Fencing around Long Valley MOD Land
It is interesting to note how frequently the access to this land is now restricted. Despite this area in my experience almost never being in use at weekends, the gates are locked nevertheless.
Access was permitted over Christmas and until this weekend then thereafter the gates are being locked again - why ? I think access to this area is now being restricted all of the time except for very limited periods despite there being no MOD activity on the land - something I always feared would happen. It will be interesting to see if, when the evenings become lighter, the gates are unlocked - I suspect not and envisage as currently, that most weekends the boards by the gates will show the land is being used when it will in fact be devoid of any human activity whatsoever....! Sad times for cyclists, runners, walkers alike.
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