Defining the future of Innerleithen

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I Updated June 17, 2017

DMBinS are holding a public consultation to define the future of Innerleithen. We last wrote about Innerleithen in March 2016 when unfortunately the public agencies in the Tweed Valley had decided not to finance the uplift proposal at Innerleithen. This was a project the AIMup team have been the tireless flag bearers for years. At this point, hope for further development at Innerleithen was beginning to feel scarce.

So it is great and heartening to see an organisation with the weight of DMBinS to push this consultation and important question. The focus here is much broader than downhill and covers the whole spectrum of the mountain biking opportunity at Innerleithen.

Innerleithen has top class world renowned Enduro and Downhill trails covering a mix of authorised steep downhill tracks, ‘Off-Piste’ Enduro trails and aggressive cross country riding. DMBinS want to get your thoughts on the existing and new trail opportunities as well as facilities (for which it has pretty much none) in this consultation.

The public consultation to discuss the Tweed Valley stakeholder project and gather ideas and feedback on how Innerleithen should develop is on the 26th June 7.30pm at Innerleithen Union Club, with light food provided by a local Cafe.

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