BikePark Wales - New Trails From Beginner To Pro

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BikePark Wales has grown from 15 trails when it launched to around 43 today. When Covid hit, which as for so many businesses has been a real struggle they used the time to build and evolve the center to its next phase. Now back open there are lots of things to check out. The ethos which is hard not to warm seems to be 'there is always more to do'. 

There are three new trails from beginner through to Pro, well four really as one was completed just before Covid hit and there is one new one also in the making and a host of new facilities. 

Before we talk to the new trails it’s worth calling out that they have also used the opportunity to overhaul the red A470 jump line. It’s bigger with longer landings with more room for progression. It starts small and gets progressively bigger as you head down.

 For the new trails we have the:

  • New Green Run Kermit for beginners. There is also a new classroom on-site to give beginners a briefing and safety intro.
  • There is a new Red hand-cut trail. This is a technical traversing trail. It will make you work hard and is littered with roots, stumps, and rocks
  • In addition there is Merthyr Rocks a new Blue technical line bridging the gap for those progressing to red.
  • Also we have The Martian - a short high-end tech trail pro-line. 

 If not enough then coming in the summer in conjunction and partnership with Laurie Greenland and Redbull ss a new trail called Vanta. Which aims to attract bike park freestyle riders. This will connect with the Martian.

In terms of upgraded facilities then the focus has been on speeding up getting you through checking in to put on the trails quicker so there has been growth from 2 to five check-in stations. The E-MTB Friendly credentials grow with a dedicated battery charging point (just book in and charge over lunch), the terrace is extended with shelter and bike rental and bike maintenance stations separated out.

What you waiting for. BikePark Wales- it’s time to go check them out!

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