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Anagach Woods Bike Skills Area is having a bunch of repairs and improvements.

Managed by the Anagach Woods Trust and located in Grantown on Spey in Scotland, the works focus on the jumps area, rebuilding and reshaping to create 3 distinct lines with something for everyone and better progression from one set to the next. The rotten skinnies are also been replaced. Raylor’s Trail Design is doing the work.

Shut for a couple more weeks until complete so check out socials for launch readiness and keep off until then. 

In case you are wondering where the funding came from then you may recall that earlier in in the year we wrote about Feshiebridge Trails plan (led by the Badenoch and Strathspey Trail Association) to build a small trail set up in Inshriach forest, near Feshiebridge, in the Highlands. Unfortunately, Storm  Gerit put a stop to the plans and the lack of an alternative site meant the plan has been canned.  So, the team decided to invest the remaining Trail Feathers money raised for this project into revamping two local facilities - the Anagach Woods Jump Line and the Laggan Wolftrax Black trail.

Results here at Anagach look awesome and what a great way to re-invest. The team should be proud to turn that sad situation around into something special like this. 

Check out the iBikeRide listing: 

Published: 10/06//2024

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