Downhill Mountain Biking in the Eilat Mountains

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Eilat Mountains

The Eilat mountains in Israel have some neat signletrack and downhill riding on offer. Close to the city of Eilat we recommend strongly hooking up with a guide as this is not the terrain to get lost. There are about 4 downhill runs in this area.

The Eilat Mountain Bike Trails

  • There are 3 mountain peaks traversing the Wadi Racham and the Wadi Sachoret trails. The terrain there has lots of natural drops, wall runs, small jumps, steps, switchbacks and corners. It's very dusty and sandy. 
  • So to start you pump up speed on the road-to hit the entrance of the downhill trail at speed.  Then you ride down steeply to start with over rocks, rocks, rocks, on windy trails. The steepness is then interspersed with miles of singletrack along the ridge at a nice gradient to give you lovely speed as the trail turns and twists. Along the ridge some rocks have been placed at the cliff edge side at times to remind you that to your left or your right you have sheer drops the size of a skyscraper. Wiping out here wouldn't be good so heed the natural signs.
  • Once down you hit a sweet wall ride (there are a few on the ride and all natural) for the end and you are through the first Wadi. Then it's a walk up. 
  • The second of the three descents is the longest. It goes on for miles and miles of steep descents. The switchbacks are natural and so not unsurprisingly herald a drop in elevation. They are therefore super tight and in line with the natural lines of the land as you turn and descend each corner there are steep drops to navigate in the turn all strewn with rocks. The route naturally increases technically as you warm up and move on.
  • The second descent ends in the Wadi Sachoret.
  • Finally you climb more steeply for the final descent. Some steep slabs to flat, followed immediately by lots of drops with rocks and turns everywhere.


  • If you have ridden the downhill MTB trails in the Eilat mountains then please share your experiences and post your pictures, videos and reviews to the trail listing. 


Downhill Mountain Biking in the Eilat Mountains


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