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Firecrest Mountain Biking have been running Mountain Bike Skills Courses, Training and Coaching on Aston Hill since 1998. Developing a range of Mountain Bike Skills Course for Mountain Bikers of all ages and abiltites.

With courses for Beginners through to World Cup Racers we have a Mountain Bike Skills Course for you. Everyone want's to ride their Mountain Bike better, faster and with more confidence. We can help you do just that with courses for Cross-Country (XC), Downhill (DH) and Enduro. We have worked with thousands of clients over the years gving them all an insight into the secrests of Mountain Biking.Firecrest Mountain Biking offer a comprehensive range of Mountain Bike Skils Courses for riders of all ages and abilties. 

We can tailor a course for you and we utalise a mix of the Mountain Bike Trails on Aston Hill to run the following Skils Courses: -

  • Begginer Mountain Bike Skill Coures - 2 hours - 3 hours 
  • Intermediate Mountain Bike Skils Courses - 2 hours - 3 hours
  • Advanced Mountain Bike Skills Courses - 2 hours - 3 hours

Courses cost £100.00 for 2hrs 1-to-1 with a special Summer Offer of £125.00 for a 3hr Course.

Additional Participants can be added at £10.00 per person per hour.

We also offer the following Mountain Bike discapline specific courses: -

  • Downhill Trail
  • Downhill Race
  • Cross Country Trail
  • Cross Country Race
  • Enduro - Race Skills

Courses cost £100.00 for 2hrs 1-to-1 with a special Summer Offer of £125.00 for a 3hr Course.

Additional Participants can be added at £10.00 per person per hour.

We also offer the follwing Trail Specific Courses on Aston Hill: -

Surface to Air (S2A - DH) - This 3hr Course will have you mastering the jumps and drops on Surface to Air in no time. Riding the trail with more confidence, comitment and speed. These skills transfer to other Freeride Trails and you'll finsih your session liteerally on a high sending the jumps and drops.

Black Run (DH) - This 3hr Course focusses on the technical challenge of the Black Run. You'll master one of the South's most infamous downhill trails including the Rock Garden and the super steep middle section. The skills you learn will be transferable and enable you to master Steep and Technical descents.

Richochet (DH) - This 3hr Course focusses on one of the fastest and fun roller coaster downhill runs on Aston Hill. Looking at the skills essential for the jumps and carry speed on the downhill. The lower slopes provide the perfect opportunity to focus on a range of skills from jumps to drops as the trail threads it's way to the bottom of Aston Hill.

Root Canal (DH) - This 3hr Course focusses Aston Hill's fastest roughest and steepest Downhill Trail. You'll learn how to master the steeps and rail the corners. Mastering the trail and taking home a whole host of transferable skills that will work for you wherever you ride.

Red Run (DH) - This 3hr Course is ideal for Cross-Country Riders, Downhillers and Enduro Racers. Focussing on the technical aspects of the Red Run and mastering a range of Mountain Bike Skills. The skills learnt on this course will transfer across a range of Mountain Bike Trails. 

Cross-Country (XC) - Aston Hill's XC Loop is all action. This 3 hour course covers everything from the downhill's through to technical climbing and carry speed through the singletrack. You'll pick up a ton of transferable skills and be riding with more confidnce, speed and comitment which ever direction the trail is heading.

All the Trail Specific courses cost £150.00 per person with a Summer offer of £125.00 per person. Additional participants can be added at £30 per person.



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