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When I booked this course, I was expecting it to be the usual sort of training course. I had read the books, practiced some and knew the basic theories of trail riding. So I was somewhat sceptical as to whether I'd get much form the course, but it couldn't hurt to try.

Turns out, I couldn't have asked for more. Even before the break at lunch, I had learnt so much more and was already riding the trails with a much more confidence. Rather than hanging on and letting the bike take me down the trail, I was actually controlling the bike; to point where everything felt much more relaxed and serene.

Basically, there is no substitute for having a tutor to analyse your form and point out even the smallest of improvements. And having small groups (4 in my case) means that even though there were people at different levels, the tutor was still able to dedicate a decent proportion of time to working my own particular problems.

Even if you believe you know everything you can, I would suggest you see if there's a course for you, because we can always learn to be better. I highly recommend this school to anyone looking to improve their mountain biking

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Good Points
Small groups means you still get the personal touch
The teaching approach keeps the whole lesson fun
Excellent value for the price of the course

You end up with a massive grin on your face
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Too tired at the end to do the trails again straight away :)
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