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I had ridden with Jimbo on the Quest shop ride so had some idea of his style and he had ben able to have a look at my riding too. This isn't essential as you get to ride and chat with Jim before you start on any specific skills so he gets an idea of what your standard is and what you want to achieve. I really wanted to move on from always being at the back all the time on the singletrack - mostly because I used my brakes so much on the corners and was intimidated by some of the trail obstacles.
Jims explanation of corners and lots and lots of practice has definitley helped but it is a slow process. I didnt change overnight. One day I was out and something clicked and I realised it happened how Jim had explained it. The same isn't true for my confidence over the obstacles. With Jim I did logs, trees and drops, some that I had previously got off and walked over. Once I had mastered them with Jim, my confidence increased straight away and now I hardly ever walk. It was definitely confidence but also some style and positioning that Jim sorted out for me. Jim is really patient, explains things in plain English and shows you in a simple way. I definitely need to see someone doing something to understand it and Jim is a very good rider without being intimidating so is easy to watch.
After my skills session with Jim I tried to get out more and really practice the things he taught me. It definitely works as I have ridden down drops and bombholes and had both wheels off the ground since!

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Good Points
Patient and clear explanations
Skillful and professional instructor who is well qualified
Good fun
Learnt new stuff and gained much more confidence
Bad Points
Mud, hills and falling off (none Jim's fault!)
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