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Avg 4.20
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BikePark Winterberg
  • Information:
  • Type: Purpose Built Centre
  • Grades: Blue, Red, Black, Orange
  • Riding: Downhill, Dirt Jumps, 4XBike Skills Park
  • Facilities: Car Park, Toilets, Visitor-Centre, Cafe, Bike-Wash, Bike Hire, Bike Shop, Showers, Uplift-Service
  • Distance(s): Under 5km
  • Number:
  • Country: Germany
  • County: Rhine Westphalia
  • Website: BikePark Winterberg
  • Facebook:
  • Instagram:
  • Twitter:
  • Email:

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Avg 4.20
Grin Factor
Trail Variety
Trail Quality

Small mountain 🏔 packed with trails and great lifts to take you back up

Great riding - whistler of germany

Good points:

Amazing quality of trails maintenance. There is so much packed in such a small space that you never end up off the single track for any longer than 10m. Excellent drainage in wet too. Lifts are amazing - super quick. You can fit easily 20-30 runs in a day. Your energy level is more likely to be your limit.

Bad points:

There is only 2 trails I would call technical and one of them has got massive jumps in it. It’s more a place for flow than for rooty rocky steeps. Bottom of the mountain has limited facilities

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20/07//2020 - almost 4 years ago

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