South Downs route

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Southease Railway Station


We start this route in a lay-by on the A26 by Itford farm and Southease Railway Station. It's big enough for about 5-6 cars I would say.

Once you have got yourself ready, leave the car south and there is a track leading off the road on your left.

South Downs Map

You would be forgiven for thinking I was cruel to start you off with such a steep climb (I know I was wondering why my friend was to me) but trust me, as we finish where we started. So as they say what goes up, must come down. Once your at the top you are rewarded by lovely views all around you.




When you get to the top there is a lovely (much needed in the summer months) breeze coming in from the sea. Now we follow the path along past the radio tower then through a small car park marked on the map. Once through the car park its not long till we break left down a rather steep and rocky (was rocky when I went due to the top soil/chalk being washed away by the recent rain) down hill section. One thing to be aware of tho is there is a gate at the bottom of the track so be aware of that. Once at the bottom follow the track to the right until you come to a B road and Bopeep Farm, now again turn right and make your way back up the hill to the top. (If you dont fancy the climb you can always go straight on at the road as the route comes back down hill and rejoins the path you would be on in a while.) As we make our way along the top of the hill we switchback on ourselves to the left and start going down hill with anoth switchback to our right down the hill and rejoin the path we left at the road/Bopeep farm. Follow the path into the village of Alfriston where we find our lunch pit stop. You may fancy stopping at the friendly pub marked on the map by a red flag (cant remember the name, sorry) that didn't mind 8 sweaty mountain bikers turning and taking over there beer garden. The menu is good but food nice enough. I dare you to try the prawn and banana sandwich - no I am not kidding, must be a local thing for local people.



Once you feel refuelled and ready to go leave the pub and turn right along the road. jast after you leave the village there is a track off to the right of the road and this is where we rejoin the trail with, you guessed it another climb. I wont lie to you the climb is just over a mile but is followed by a short blast down hill. But here comes a big climb back upto the ridge, but do bear in mind the lovely long sweeping downhill you will have at the end. Once at the top of the ridgeyou should rejoin near where you cut off left for a blast downhill and be near a trig point.


Now comes almost 3 miles of downhill with just a small rise that you bearly notice back to the cars. You will be following the route you took upto the top of the hill past the radio tower. It is great fun.

I have the route saved for anybody with memory map, just drop me a line on the site and I will email it to you.

Hope you didn't mind reading me waffle on.



pic1top of climb after lunch
pic2 pic3


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