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(Updated: October 04, 2015)
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i ride here with the wife every week, most of the time a quick burst around the follow the dog but if time allows we venture onto the monkey trail.
follow the dog starts from the car park and the first section "twist and shout" gets your legs working and warms you up nicely as you make your way through the tight trees up and down small hills and then out onto stegosaurus which is some nice rocks and some boardwalk, a few climbs and rooty sections leads you onto high voltage which again is a fun twist through the trees but has the odd feature thrown in. at this point comes the decision point left for the monkey or right for the dog.
the monkey starts off flat before being confronted with devils staircase which is a fast switchback decent which sets you up for the monkey nicely. you cross the road and instantly the first climb knocks you back, very steep and it sets up what to excpect, the decents are far more challenging also with some black options. "pot of gold" "rollercoaster" "the original monkey" are all fantastic sections, which are worth the climbs to get to them. "the original monkey" has some quality rocks in tom dick and harry which are alot of fun. then you come to upper cliff and lower cliff which are some of the best decents out there.
at this point you rejoin the dog and do a fair bit of peddling to get to "bomb hole" "son of chainslapper" "snow white" "seven dwarfs" "let loose" and "rock and rollers" all are fast and flowy and combined make a cracking finish to a top trail center

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well maintained
top quality trails
facilities top notch
constant improvements
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a few more black options needed on follow the dog
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