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First of all let me state that this review is based on how Bedgebury is currently - I appreciate that a lot of work is going on at the moment here (and has been going on for some time) - which only worsens the main issue that I have with Bedgebury, namely the way in which it uses gradient of the Forest. There are at least three separate sections on the trail where uphill slogs are followed by downhill sections on fire road. Whats the point of cycling up single track only to be forced down a fire road? And this is not always due to the current closures either - the aptly named "Pointless" leads onto a fire road section for no discernible reason.
The first half of the trail such as Genesis and Dads Army are fantastic but the second half just feels like a slow, gentle uphill slog with no reward other then repeated straight downhill blasts. I appreciate there will always be the uphill sections, but these should not be wasted with dull downhill fire road riding. As I mentioned before part of this is, I'm sure, is due to the closure of certain sections which look as though they will have plenty of potential, I can only hope they will considerably improve the flow of the trail when opened.
As a side note the short unnamed trail that runs parallel to the first fireroad climb is great fun, especially as it stays very rideable even when the rest of Bedgebury has turned to muddy gloop.
As others have mentioned, the car park is very expensive - even more so at the moment considering that so much of the trail is closed for work, however the site does have excellent facilities - especially the cafe - can highly recommend the hummus and roasted veg sandwiches!
I hope in a few months it becomes the trail centre I'm sure its capable of being.

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Loads of working going in to upgrade the trails (meaning superb built trails in the future), those sections that have been finished ride very well, good facilities.
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Loads of work going in to upgrade the trails (meaning many are closed), expensive parking, currently a really poor utilisation of the Forest gradient.
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