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Sandwell MTB Trails without fails
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Good trail but just for fun or to practice styling over the jumps, lots of jumps maybe 8 in a row. Small to medium

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If you live close to the trails your gonna have a great time! Pumping through the twisty sections and clearing the table tops is not that easy! If you can clear all the jumps in the black section you have a pretty good riding style. You can if you don't scrub to much speed down the trail, but you gotta be good! If you just wanna carve about and have fun the trails are not that tricky. Just depends how you look at it.

Great little trail for grins and fun, with some nice flow-e sections.
Bad Points
The black trails are quite easy with no gaps to clear, step ups or step downs. Id say good beginner to intermediate trails that make good use of a small arear.
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