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I wanted to wait until I had ridden the new stuff and also checked out the facilities before I wrote a review to make sure it was a fair reflection.

Even without all the new stuff Gisburn is a fantastic facilities. There are tough, technical climbs as well as all manner of decents - steep, swoopy, rocky, rooty. Plus northshore segments and even an optional skills sections. The '8' required a bit of fitness but can be done at leisure and the riding rewards more than make up for the effort. There's a great new section on the 8 ('Swoopy') which has recently been completed.

When you add to that the new skills section, jumps and trails coming from the car park it really is a full days riding. In fact, that's not even mentioning the Hope Line which a nice, fairly mellow DH course with plenty of rollable (as well as jumpable!) jmups as well as the knarlier black DH run (full face / spine protector stuff).

With the cafe (which hopefully won't put the Dog & Partidge out of business as they do a mean chilli!) and new facilities this really rivals some of the places in North Wales and Scotland with more stellar reputations. Well done to everyone involved!
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