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A MTB Trail, in Swindon!?
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Living only around 30 mins drive away, I don't ride here often enough. Its a feature packed location with lots of obstacles to challenge the beginner to intermediate rider and a great spot to brush up on some core skills.

Want to ride a rock spine? Ever ridden North Shore woodwork? Need to work on your basic jumping or dropping techniques?

The Croft Trail has it all. Its short enough to have a lunchtime blast around, but technical enough to make repetition of the loop well worth another lap or two.

MB Swindon ride here regularly (as well as use it for running courses and BBQs) and the local bike store makes the most of it for demo days.

A MTB Trail in Swindon? Yes and a flipping good one too!

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Good Points
Good variation of trail features considering what they have to work with.
Great single track experience in an "urban" location.
Drops, bridges, rock spines, small jumps and woodwork sections.
Lots of locals willing to guide you if you are new to the area.
Free Parking.
Bad Points
Hard to complain as there is limited space here, little elevation to work with and the constraints of a volunteer lead organisation.
No toilet or shop nearby.
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