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Flat but fun.
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Sherwood pines is an enjoyable day on the bike, but only if you're willing to put the work in as you can't rely on gravity to do the work as the Kitchener red trail is relatively flat with only 350meters of elevation over a 24k distance.
The trail is all single track through the forest and thick undergrowth which keeps you on your toes as any loss of concentration can easily result in going into a tree or bush. It does feel like hard work at the start but the trail gets more flowy as you make your way around the red graded route and you'll definitely finish with a smile on your face.
Along the route you'll find the downhill park & jump park, The jump park has lots of progressive well made jumps which looks well used and maintained, The downhill park has a number of short downhill runs that include rock gardens and drop offs which all start from a steep starting gate with an easy push up to get back to the start and gives you a bit of a rest from all the peddling you've done to get there.
The facilities are as you'd expect at a trail centre, with cafe, bike shop and bike hire plus large carpark ( £6 all day )
Also loads for the family to do as well, with blue and green bike trails,
Over all I had a good day on the bike and will visit again when in the area.

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Good Points
The facilities
DH park
The Kitchener Trail
Good for all abilities and family
Bad Points
Flat so have to put a lot of work in to get the most from it.
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