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Stoughton. A confidence inspiring progressive DH track.
(Updated: November 12, 2016)
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Stoughton Downhill is just passed the village of Stoughton at the end of the South Downs. The postcode in the listing takes you close to the car park but the car park is prob 100 to 200 metres before the end point on the sat nav.

You can recognise the small free car park as it is called Stoughton Down.

From the car park there is no signage (it needs some) but a small singletrack path starting parallel to the Fireroad gently traverses up the hill. You can ride all the way to the top or when you cross the downhill track you can start the push up.

The Black and the new Red is incredibly well thought out and allows all riders to get out of it what you put in according to your ability level.

It is an example of having progression genetically constructed into the core if its DNA. It starts of with a few corners, berms and little jumps to gather speed. Turns you into two drops and then a massive berm to a bus sized tabletop followed by rock steps, more berms a massive drop and the finale set of jumps. Only takes a minute or two but everything is rollable (even the big drops.. I rolled the last one but next time maybe).

Each time you ride it confidence is inspired to take the next ride that much faster, to hit it harder time after time.

The push up I didn't time but reckon 10 mins. It's not that bad, a decent workout and creates a social opportunity to chat and reflect on your last run and visualise your next run.

The blue is a slower descent and has an off camber element to the ride which is testing in itself. As a warm up blast it is fun.

I'm more of a technical XC rider than a Downhiller (these days) but this trail is the one that will encourage folk to move between the disciplines.

No facilities at the car park but the village up the road looked like there were a few quaint pubs. Personal thank you to the club and trail building team and massive respect.

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Good Points
- Progressive skills development
- Everything is rollable
- Inspires you to push your game slightly more each run
- Brilliantly designed and maintained
- Free Car Park
- Strong community
Bad Points

- no facilities bar the car park if that is important to you
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