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Lee Quarry Finally Conquered
(Updated: June 07, 2016)
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I tried to ride Lee Quarry a little earlier in the week but after two attempts had to bail because of the snow blizzard conditions so coming back I was adamant to conquer it.

You ride up from the car park straight up the hill. The terrain starts to get rockier pretty early on and you go gradually up and over stone slabs round the hill till you hit the epic sight of the Quarry itself.

From then on you descend on the roller coaster of either red or black options strewn with rock and boulders everywhere. It's a bit of a constant up and down selection and the flow felt lacking but was probably a bit impeded by the significant amount of snow and ice still around.

Quite early on you hit a play park with little skinnies. I enjoyed sessioning the see-saw as had not actually ridden one before. One of the skinnies ran through a iced over section which was also fun.

Trail then takes you back up through a steep stone boulder terrain when you find yourself on quite a exposed and windy range where the drop to your left looks quite sheer and the black option even more so.

Near the top there is a section that really looks like the playground of the gods built by the God of Mountain Biking himself (yes he must be a guy). It is quite a unique scene. It has three lines of progressive drop off's, short downhill pump track style lines, specific pump tracks and what must be the best Trials area in the world.

From here the waymarking is poor and it is hard to see how the trail continues. Eventually traversing a bit further up the hill you will find yet another play park with all manner of little jump and rock lines to session.

The descent is rocky and exposed in places (when wind blows it's kinda scary to be honest) and from the cattle grid contraption back it is flowing and lovely.

To me it feels a bit short and not flowy enough (with exception of final descent) to be a top XC trail but as a play park that you get to with great trail design on the way in an epic setting where once there you session your skills all day followed by an awesome descent on the way back, it is great. It is definitely well worth a visit.

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Good Points
-Epic views
-Sessioning skills
Bad Points
- limited facilities (tiny car park and 2 portaloos)
- Waymarking
- Short
- Lacks Flow
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February 05, 2013
They have portaloos now? That's a huge improvement!
February 09, 2013
Poppies deli cafe, just across the road, is worth a visit if you feel a bit peckish
2 results - showing 1 - 2