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England 11043
Macc Forest DH
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Mad, techy DH with a few big features scattered throughout.

If you like "flowy trails" then this is not the place for you.

Convenient and local to macc. Very very beautiful views at the very top!

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Good Points
If you like rough and rutty downhill with off camber roots and awkwardly positioned holes in the ground then this is the place for you.
I wont lie, there's no flow at all. But it's quite a rewarding place to ride because when you get to the bottom in one piece, you realise it was pretty fun!
There's a few big features up the top which are chained off for most of the time but they look like they're fun to hit!
If you're into raw DH then this is an ideal place.
Bad Points
The push up is a bit of a slog and after 3 or 4 up and downs, I'm normally knackered.
The trails dont appear to get much attention from the shovel but I'm not going to complain about it because the guys who built the trails in the first place have made the effort to give locals a place to ride. It's not a very busy place so I dont think there's much demand for regular upkeep anyway.
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