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Brilliant place for easy days. V
(Updated: January 06, 2013)
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Your enjoyment of Parkwood Springs will depend on what you're expecting to find there. If you expect a trail centre with full on routes you'll be disappointed. If you're expecting a short course with a few fun bits you can use in any weather and something to kill an hour with, you'll have a blast.

Parkwood is only 2k, which is fairly evenly split up and down hill. There's mostly nice weatherproof gravel track, lots of nice windy berms, and some small pump sections. Mixed in is the odd rocky section, and a couple of red graded diversions.

It's a great place for kids, and new people (like me). In fact, this would be the perfect MTB skills course venue.

Facilities wise, there's a car park. That's your lot, but this is Sheffield city centre, not the Peaks, so you're never far from anything.

I'm looking forward to going back. I can see this as somewhere I session after work in summer. If you're local, it's worth a trip.

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Nice and easy, but loads of fun.
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Honestly, none.
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