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Sherwood Pines is both great fun and quite dull. The XC loop alone is very flat, and nothing too exciting on it's own - it's more of an "exercisey" loop than a "fun" loop, though as with most things, if you go flat out you can make things interesting. :)

Some sections of the XC loop feel extremely well surfaced, but it definitely suffers in the wet. There are various bits that get very very muddy, and some of the puddles are more like lakes at times. It's tolerable in the wet, but if you have the chance wait until it dries out, do.

What makes Sherwood Pines awesome, however, is the dirt jump area and the freeride park. They have a small but decent selection of dirt jumps, both small and rollable and some pretty big ones, but the highlight is the freeride park. They've very recently rebuilt the top section of it and it rides brilliantly. I probably wouldn't suggest it for absolute beginners, but if you pick the right line there's certainly nothing too scary and you can roll most of it. But if you hit it at speed, and you can get a heck of a lot of speed on it, it's awesome fun to ride over and over again, and there's plenty of stuff to session and build your skill up on. Lower down the hill there's a small selection of jumps and so on which you can hit - they're scattered all over the place with no real route over them so you can make up a line yourself.

Finally, there's the usual facilities at the trail head - bike shop w/ bike hire, a cafe, and toilets. The cafe has some pretty tasty cake too. ;)

Overall, Sherwood Pines isn't anything too special, but if you're within an hour's drive of it, it's worth a visit, and if you're passing by and have a few hours to kill, give it a visit.

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Decent XC loop, fun dirt jump area, excellent freeride park, and decent facilities.
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XC loop is pretty simple, and the dirt jump area isn't small, but it's not exactly huge or varied either. Very patchy phone coverage at the trail head (on both EE and O2).
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