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The Blue Quercus and the Red Altura South and North Loops.
(Updated: October 04, 2015)
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The centre has great facilities from a decent cafe, bike shop and toilets. We headed off on the Blue Quercus first which is a really well designed trail to ease beginners into mountain biking. It's flowing with a well surfaced wide track and has a good number of sweeping berms. There is no killer up either to demotivate new riders and the forest terrain makes for a protective ride from the wind that can get quite harsh in these parts. Some of the up switchbacks offer an additional technical succession of rock slab options which are fun and quite tricky in places. There is also some very wide raised do-able wooden platforms sections (shore) which I think adds a great thrill for all. This is also not just for beginners but a fun warm up loop for riders of all abilities and despite a few puddles is a real blast.

Next we did the Altura South Loop. This definitely takes it up a notch with a killer climb that snakes its way up the mountain side. The great news is we are really talking that great old fashioned one big up and one big down type of mountain biking. The down starts off quite rocky and technical with a number of very rocky sections and little drops to navigate. It's fun but you need to keep your wits about you. The final turn of this section is super, super tight. After this first section of technical descending you hit a super long fast, flowing, berms and roller coaster of a descent that will leave you grinning. Final descent is again fun with some more shore and rock and wooden steps to navigate.

The next day we did the same again and threw in the North loop also. Again I l loved it. The North Loop is another big up and big down but a bit longer than the South Loop. The up of the north has more forest cover than the south and more fun bits and a technical feel which makes it more of a challenge and it also has some intermittent flatter sections with little drops and roots sections to give you a breather. The down is incredible. Rocky, rooty, little drops, bigger drops, twisty sections that lead you straight into drops and then ends on another grintastic rollercoaster of a flowing, jump laden descent similar to the final section of the south but I think a little faster and just slightly better. In my opinion the best trail centre trail in England.

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Good Points
- amazing epic location
- trails with the right mix of technical to flowing terrain
- it's easy to mix and match the different sections of trails here.
- technical ups to make it more interesting.
Bad Points
- car park is yes maybe just a little pricey but you can see they are investing the money back into the trails and that don't come free and as they more than deliver on grin factor I'm not quibbling.
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