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Needs some proper management and tidy up to make it a great place again

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Once the trails were very good and sort of marked out but we're varied.
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Over time and lack of up keep they have in some places become overgrown in part due to lack of use or in some cases where soil erosion has taken place and left tree routes. Which isn't good for the trees at all. Even though mtb routes were marked but never clear enough it has become and issue with walkers using the routes and therefore out of curiosity having to slow down and still being told we shouldn't be here. But worse of all is the constant attack by dogs that aren't on leads when clearly they should be. I have been bit by two many dogs, and not little bits either. I always slow down for walkers etc. But the place has become a bit of a nightmare. Only last week another dog came out of the blue and started chasing me, could not see owners at all!
Just be careful, that's all I say.
It could be a fantastic place with some help and I have been to a few great places that are managed well.
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