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I visited this trail yesterday but was really disappointed with what i found. Both red and black routes seem to have been spoiled by amateur attempts to create jumps etc. The red route starts off well with what appears to be the original professional built trail with good flow and well established rock features but deteriorates lower down into what i can only describe as a safety concern.
The bottom of the Red opens out into, according to the trail head map, a bridleway, someone (i presume local kids) have built a jump at the side of the slope to the right, with trees in the middle of the landing, get this wrong and you are in trouble, that's if you don't hit a member of the public walking/riding a horse on the bridleway as you need to gain speed for this section due to the badly placed jump.
You then hit a succession of 3 closely placed jumps after the opening which are all too close together to actually jump properly so you need to pick which one you want to jump, I'm not sure who has attempted to build these but they need some training in trail building/safety.
The lower section of red is good and again appears original which brings me onto the black.

I have ridden black sections up and down the country and raced downhill in my younger years but the black at healey nab seems again a amateur hashed attempt to cram as many features as possible into the small area.
I'm not sure if there is a dedicated group maintaining the trail with experience but i doubt it as it seems to have been ruined.

In summary i would advise the council to employ a professional trail building company such as Trailcraft who have done a fantastic job over at the nearby Bickerstaffe cycle track, they could then improve what has got great potential as a Mini trail centre rather than the poor attempt it currently is.

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July 30, 2016
Hi, I'm the head volunteer for the nab, and I'm a little upset about your comments tbh. I've been maintaining the nab for almost 6 years now, often single handedly, and your the only person I've experienced complaining about the bottom red section. It's not 3 jumps in a row, it's a mini table then either 2 pump bumps or a mini double, the pump bumps aren't really designed to be jumped. As for trees in the landing area of a jump, you must have been off line or riding the trail beyond its/your capability, as I can assure you everyone I've seen ride the trail hasn't been landing in any trees. The fact is there's no funding to pay a professional, so volunteer work is all it gets, though I am trained in trail building, and so far nothing is a safety concern for competent riders, Lancashire county council wouldn't allow us to build anything that was (we have regular inspections and meetings with them). Perhaps if you got involved with our dig days (there's links to the Facebook page on this site, you obviously didn't look) then we could show you where your going wrong, or you show us where you think we're going wrong.

And fyi, Rowan sorrell (ex pro dher and bpw head builder) designed the black route. Such an amateur.
Scott j
July 30, 2016
I had a ride at the nab yesterday and enjoyed it when linked into a route around Rivington, It definitely added to the days ride. the only thing i would say about it is that the lines need to be clearer, after a play for a bit we manage to put a good line together that flowed well and started to have some good fun. as i'm aware its only 2 lads who work at the nab and are always asking for help so for me they are doing a fantastic job keeping these trails open in the area. The lower section of red is the last section the volunteers worked on if you check their facebook page.
July 30, 2016
Completely disagree with this review, as does MBR...

The only issue at nab is peoples reluctancy to help maintain and evolve the site, if you payed any attention you would've noticed the new section which is in the process of being dug off ready to build. Unfortunately put on hold due to lack of interest in the dig days... If people put as much effort into a spade as you have with this shoddy review we would get an enormous amount done. Unfortunately people much prefer to whine about what we should build rather than offer to help and be a part of something that keeps people coming back week after week. Instead theres just 3 of us that constantly giving up our own personal time and rather than ride, we provide trails for people like you to ride ?
Chris J
August 20, 2016
In reply to an earlier comment

Apologies if I have upset anyone, this was not the intention, only to give constructive feedback. If you are the lead volunteer for this trail, I would take the constructive points on board without getting all childish and shirty then work on improving safety and design for the enjoyment of all. (Rowan did design the black but it has been added to since, for example the winding section on the far left which serves no purpose other than slow the flow) I will gladly help and give advice, it may be worth you travelling to a few other trail centres for ideas ?
Dave D
October 11, 2016
In reply to an earlier comment

So you knew rowan designed it but then complained it was an amateur attempt? And that bit on the left is an entirely new section of trail, designed and constructed by me, and yeah the slalom bit is designed to slow you down to regulate speed into the tight berm after it that got a 6ft long braking trench in it before we repaired it and added the slalom. Ive been to many other trail centres, as has my dig team, and again, your the only one who thinks its a safety concern.

And childish and shirty? Youve just insulted 5 years hard work without even bothering to find out who did what (saying it was local kids, theres links to our group on the main page of this), then proceded to tell us were wrong because our trail is the problem, not the person riding it. Again, your the only one ive heard of complaining about those specific bits, so nothings getting changed considering theres at least 6 of us who dig and enjoy riding everything we build (we wouldn't build it otherwise).
Scott j
October 17, 2016
You seem to have completely missed the point. With little or no funding it is still a well maintained series of trail. Get to know the area and you can put together 20 minutes of excellent riding with virtually no repetition. 3 laps takes an hour if one isn't long enough! As for danger, I don't get you. MTB riding is a little dangerous, but no more so here than elsewhere.
6 results - showing 1 - 6