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Red route ridden yet again. 41 minutes, not bad for big lad
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I have ridden trails throughout Europe and North Africa and have been riding in these forests and on these trails for over 40 years and still enjoy it and most importantly I can still find new routes in and around the park. We have a vast array of off road tracks. For those who comment that The Kitchener Trail is not a 'true red' well just ride it faster, enjoy the trees and don't forget it is almost all singletrack. Come and enjoy it for what it is, pay your car parking and help to keep and improve the facilities.

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<div>Variety - anyone can ride here and enjoy it. If it becomes to easy then just go quicker. No matter how busy the car park is the trails are never crowded</div>
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<div>Not a bad point, but it lacks real technical trails- not a criticism just a general comment, but it does make best use of the terrain available.</div>
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