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Deadwater fell and lonesome pine
(Updated: June 27, 2017)
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Keilder has to be one of the most scenic trail centers a have been to. A lovely place to explore walk and ride. Choice of 3 red trails here. the deadwater trail, red with an optional black loop up to deadwater fell. At the start there is a small skills area with 4 different lines on it. Good way to get the heart going. Once we got going we found the climbs not to severe and the descents weren't to bad either, that was until we did the deadwater fell climb! Its black graded and steep and rocky and seemed to take forever. Worth it though for the view from the top. 1900 feet above sea level and on a clear day you can see both east and west coasts. The descent from there is very good, what looks like a fire road from some videos is actually a loose steep and fast ride to the bottom. Well worth the long hard climb. Back onto the red after that. A fun drop down into the forest which looked like it had recently been repaired from storm damage. The rest of the return route back to car park was pretty good, some sections could have had a bit more to them but overall it is well worth riding.
the lonesome pine trail heads the pother way out the car park and follows the blue route around kielder water for a while. (very scenic) it then climbs through the forrest with a few ups and downs with the odd rock tjhrown in. the climb up to the boardwalk seemed to last forever and was hard work (it was also 31 degrees c when we rode) the highlight is the boardwalk though. wasnt sure which tree was the "lonesome" pine as there was a few up there!
once off the boardwalk some of the descents from there were all really loose. seemed to zap your speed as very little grip. the ones that werent loose however were very fast and rocky. great fun.

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A lot of fun
Amazing views
Good variety of trails
Middle of nowhere
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Some sections didn't have a good flow
very loose in places
Middle of nowhere!
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