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Good Points
Nice well maintained and managed trails. Great for beginners, and those progressing or for anyone just for a ride out.

Blue is a nice flowy trail, no features to speak of. Wide and smooth loop, with some gentle climbing. Family suitable but a little more of a challenge, just really in distance. Watch out as some may speed along there and others are taking small kids along on a trike or a trailer.

The red is more of your typical singletrack you find in a UK trail centre. Features are essentially some simple easy roll-able rocks, switchback style corners, narrow in places and bit steeper. Nothing expert. If you're quick it will be over in half an hour, though a nice pace if it's quiet. Enjoyable woodland countryside run.

Facilities are fine, plenty of non-bike related activities.
Bad Points
Red is a shadow of its former self, and it's too short. Compared to Wales or Scotland this ranks as a blue in grading. Run it quick and there's more technical skill involved but watch out for other people at busy times.

The black is an optional section at the bottom of the red, but 'extreme' is hardly the word for it. Though it does take more skills than the red and certainly not one for beginners, but think of a rocky red section on a Welsh trail at Afan or CYB. The initial roll in is more demanding however. It's very short, over in a minute or two, with an annoying fireroad climb back up.

Skills area is limited though nice to see some simple woodwork to practice on.

If you are just planning on the red/black, it's over too quick and not worth a long trip. Still, it's fine for a run out if you're in the area or local. Link it with the blue and it's more of a ride.
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