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Slippery when wet....
(Updated: October 22, 2016)
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There's no such thing as bad weather conditions, just bad equipment. So although my first trip was underwhelming it's largely my own fault for not doing more research and knowing what the trails where actually like. I rocked up with a semi slick rear tyre and spend a large majority of my day conducting a hillside spinning class as mud and leaves filled my tyre treads with mulch. Can't say I enjoyed all of my ride around both blue and red trails but they both have some interesting features and the reds routes climbs were punchy and tricky as hell with all their roots which means you've got to concentrate as much on the ups and the downs (which I appreciate).My advice to any newbies is if it's wet bring mud tyres or prepare for some, er, 'interesting' situations! I'm really looking forward to going back when it's dried out as I think the red especially will be really good fun.Also if you have a fear of dogs this is not the place for you. I got chased around by many friendly but over excitable pooches!

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Good Points
Red route has really good variety of terrain.
Good amount of elevation.
Can't wait to come back next summer and try again in the dry!
Bad Points
Not the most all weather set of trails I've been on, bring mud tyres if it's wet.
No bike wash which is crazy bearing in mind how muddy it is.
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