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A Park Of 2 Halves
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I can ride the blue trail in under 20mins on my cyclocross bike so if your slower than that, oh dear!!!!

Ride the blue as fast as you can, makes for a very good trail, do it 5 times and its a lung buster.

I love the traditional red loop, it has everything, evil climbs, fast decents, flowy sections, and in the wet the A3 section is a real test of rider skills with all the roots and off camber sections (I use my mtb for this, cx hurts lol).

Don't just do red loop, blue loop, mix it all up for a more enjoyable ride.

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Good Points
All weather Blue trail virtually completed.
Red trail is a great test of skill/stamina in the wet.
Easy parking.
You can ride some evenings and see no one else around.
The park doubles in size if you know the locals trails.
Even though it is advertised as a horsey area you will very rarely come across a rider.
The cafe is as good as you find in a village, worth a stop.
Water tap at the centre.
The SDW runs through the middle so your riding a piece of history.
Bad Points
No bike wash.
None locals following the standard red/blue trails will think 'is this all?'
Not that easy for new unfit riders.
Dog owners hanging bags of poo on trees - THEY ARE NOT DECORATIONS, TAKE THEM HOME!!!!!!!!!
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