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I would recommend staying here for at least one night to explore the full range of trails, you would really struggle to get round the whole place in a day.

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it does not get full of riders stopping talking at the end of trails or at the start, you need to spend some time here to appreciate the full options available. my first ride out I went towards the northshore section, this is slippery but fun in the cold and wet, you need to bare in mind that it does rain here. my next ride out I drove from the lodges to the trail center and started from there, and I was shocked how much I did enjoy it there was parts that where difficult rock or boulder sections to climb, ( even if you where on a motorbike). but the downhill parts justified the climbs and for me that is what makes me happy. Nothing worse then climbing for hours to find the down hill part is c**p.
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it gets really dark very quick, limited to no phone signal. and the ride around the water is full of gates.
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