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Thars gold in dem dare hills
(Updated: May 28, 2017)
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QECP has come on over the years. One of the original trail centres it has in the last couple of years invested in a revised blue. It is now more modern as a blue (used to be a sharp up and boring down) similar in style to the Swinleyesque trend. The red has had new extensions also in the last few years and although sharp to climb it offers a few technical challenges getting up and a number of really fun small jumps and drops on the descents.

The park really comes into its own though when you head down the other side from the top of the blue or head left from the top of the red and hit the non-waymarked hand carved downhill descents. Here it gets steep, narrow, loose, off camber in places, really flowing in others and is dispersed with drops. It's a warren of grin-inducing lines. Love it.

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Good Points
- Nice switchbacks
- Good workout due to sharp ups and downs
- Few neat jumps and kickers thrown in
- Fantastic downhill style hand carved non-waymarked trails.
Bad Points
- Waymarked trails a bit short given how much available terrain there seems
- chalk base makes it slippy and prone to mud in the wet.
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