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The Kitchener & the bike park
(Updated: June 07, 2015)
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My nearest trail centre - I go about once a month for anything from a quick blast to a longer days riding out of the centre and back onto the trails. The Kitchener is at its best when ridden flat out, aim for a sub 50min lap. Take it easy and it can get dull.
The bike park while a bit tame compared to the Welsh centres is good fun. Again go flat out and try each of the lines to get the best out of it. The jump park is good and the short trail in is fun.
There are miles of trails off piste worth exploring and you can link into the local BW for a good 30km loop.
The facilities are great and there is loads for the minis to do while I play. The blue run is decent, nothing scary but still ok for a blast at speed.

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Good Points
Almost 100% singletrack loop
Never seems to be that busy on the red trail
Bike park is wicked fun
Good facilities for the minis
Bad Points
Trails get very muddy in the wet.
When trees come down they take ages to clear them if at all.
Walkers on the red at weekends...when there are miles of paths available.
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