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You will find Green, Blue and Red graded trails at Sherwood Pines. Tried them all and like Kitchener trail (Red route) the most. It has a nice flow when riden at the right speed. After riding a few times you will learn how to take the best out of it. The trail is relatively easy (no major difference between red and blue route), forestry commision is trying to make the trail more interesting and they added a rocky road and a tiny rock garden which you don't have to ride if don't feel very confident on a bike, there is a path allowing you to go round. The trail is nice and smooth, a lot of corners that will tempt you to ride fast, be careful though as you can meet some walkers on the trail going the wrong direction.

There is a bike park with dirt jumps and downhill zone in the forest. There are four paths you can choose from at downhill zone, they are quite similar to each other and all offer mini berms and a few drop offs – you can have some fun trying to lift you bike of the ground or just ride them through.

The trail has been rebuilt slightly, there is one place at the end of the trail that the forestry commision tried to make less muddy with no luck I'm afraid - it's still muddy. Like the idea of hardening the trail surface.

You can ride the trail all year round.

If you're coming with a family there is something for eveyone, you can ride a bike, play at Go Ape, ride a segway or have a walk with your four legged friend.

The car park (£4 charge) is really big (you can have a picnic or barbeque here) however it gets busy at weekends/Bank Holidays. If you're coming for a quick ride only I would suggest coming late afternoon to avoid crowds. Visitor centre, cafe, toilets on site. If you manage to break your bike riding there is a friendly and helpful staff waiting for you at the bike shop.

Would say Sherwood Pines is a good fun and would recommend it to everyone, it's one of my home trails so just can't give it a bad review ;)

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Good Points
- good location – easy access from all directions
- outdoor fun for everyone
- all the trails rideable for riders of all abilities
- nice for winter riding
- good facilities
Bad Points
- rather flat terrain
- no technical sections
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