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Don't visit expecting it to be anything like what Wales/Scotland/FoD/Cannock/Swinley etc. have to offer. For trails so close to a city centre, it's actually quite impressive (except for one minor gripe below). My advice is to lower your expectations, and don't try to ride either the Nova Trail, Yer Tiz, or Keener flat out. I had more fun by slowing down a bit, taking my time, and looking for the best lines to have fun on the berms/obstacles. I was overtaken by a lyca clad 29er trail warrior who shouted from 20 metres back for me to get out of the way, he then proceeded to cut every possible corner on the way down one of the most enjoyable sections. What's the point in that? Ditch Strava, don't chase times, and have a blast pumping turns and jumping the obstacles on the red sections. These are great trails if you are already in Bristol, as I was.
Bad Points
The Nova Trail at Ashton Court starts well, but there is a long section of a VERY shallow climb with rather unnecessary bends put into it that only prolong this uneventful part of the trail. It's not a steep climb by any means (even for beginners) so it should be straight in my opinion.
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