• Surrey Hills MTB GPS Route Holmbury and Leith

    Holmbury & Leith. Barry Knows Best, Yoghurt Pots, Telegraph Row, Resevoir Dogs, part of Summer lightning. 

    A good place to park is in the Holmbury YHA car park (Radnor Lane, Dorking, Surrey RH5 6NW). Bear in mind this is the end of the route not the beginning. You need to go a little east to find the start. 

    Also the GPS has a bit of footpath which you need to walk down to the road 5 mins into the ride. Apart from that it is fairly straight forward to follow. 

  • Surrey Hills Winterfold Long Ride

    Kicking off in Walking Bottom car park and heading up Pitch Hill onto Winterfold this is a ride that takes in many of the best on offer. It's about 13 - 15 miles and graded hard. There are a few big drops to watch out for although always a chicken run option to go round. Some of the sections are Proper Bo, Bo Selecta, Double Drop, Secret Santa, Northern Monkey, Supernova, Pitch Downhill and more. One of my faves.