• Surrey Hills Triple Threat Loop A North Downs

    The Triple Threat is a loop around the North Downs, taking in St Marthas, Newlands Corner, some of the North Downs way and a couple of picturesque Surrey villages – Shere and Albury. The route takes about surrsan hour at moderate pace and takes its name from the 3 killer climbs – we climb St Marthas in both directions and climb to Newlands Corner!

    The route starts from the car park for St Marthas church off Halfpenny Lane (a single track road joining Guildford and Chilworth). From here, we head straight up the west side of St Marthas for the first of the killer climbs. 

    [Update – not on the GPX – there is a nice jumpy/bermed trail from the top of St Marthas that comes out in the same place. Keep an eye out for a trail branching off left in the pine trees near the top of the descent.]

    Apart from one rutted descent called the boat it is not very technical and has some long wide bridlepath, country road and singeltrack sections.