• Bluebell Hill

  • Buebell Hill Aylesford

    From the old derelict ‘Upper Bell’ pub turn left to go down the side of the pub following Warren road, this drops down quite dramatically, you'll come to a t-junction, turn right, after a short distance you arrive on the main road to Burham.

    Going down this (under the A229) take the first right (difficult when busy) and follow the road towards Burham, shortly you'll come to a left hand turn for Eccles, follow this down (past the Bull pub) and you'll arrive at Aylesford priory, turn right just before the priory and follow the concrete road towards the water works, you come to a anti-motorbike gate.

    Go through and follow the track (1 mile approx) through the woods until you come to a t-junction near some power line towers. Turn right and follow the track (about a mile) through to another large gate.

    Cross this, or turn right and through another anti-bike gate, and across a field, you're now in lower Burham, go past the Church (on your left) and follow the dirt track along the river’s edge, keeping to the rough pathway.

    Shortly you'll arrive in Wouldham village, with its church and famous resident (see battle of Trafalgar for details) keep on the main road and eventually you'll arrive at the motorway bridge. (underneath) At this point you need to turn right (2nd right, not the Burham road)and follow the road upwards, (another waterworks) through a small gate, and down beside the railway lines, the road goes back up, (quite steep) until you arrive at a t-junction.

    (turn right here to go down over the railway line (bridge) to the end and follow a gravel track up through the woods, left at the top, and come out again at the top of bluebell hill) or turn left, up and over the motorway (M2) (bridge)and out onto Stony lane which brings you out on Rochester Maidstone road.

    Turn right and follow the road about a mile to the main roundabout at Bridgewood. Crossing over and following the road up towards Walderslade, you'll see a footbridge off in the distance, when you arrive at the bridge, cross over and follow the road up (over the M2) past the crematorium (on your left) to the end (t-junction) turn left and you'll be back where you started 2 hours ago!
  • Ightham & Mereworth Woods

    23km cross country loop in the Sevenoaks/Tonbridge/Maidstone area.