Deeside Way

  • Deeside Way - Aberdeen to Drumoak

    Deeside Way - Aberdeen to Drumoak is a 17km GPS route for walkers and cyclists along the Deeside Way. Also known as the Old Deeside Line in Aberdeen begin at the Polmuir Road entrance to Duthie Park joining the path behind the glass enclosed Winter Gardens. Head west through the suburbs of Aberdeen to arrive at Peterculter. Follow the path through Peterculter and pick up the old line again near the old Peterculter Station. After a short distance leave the old line again and join the quiet country road at Coalford heading towards Dalmaik where you leave the road  and follow the path until you reach the access road to  the playing fields. Follow the access road to where it joins the public road with the path beside it and on into Drumoak. You can catch a ‘bus here back into Aberdeen or carry on along the Deeside Way to Banchory and beyond. 

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  • Deeside Way - Aboyne to Ballater

    Deeside Way - Aboyne to Ballater is a 17.7km MTB GPS route for walkers and cyclists

    The path leaves the car park beside the Victory Hall in the centre of Aboyne and is on the old line again so gradients are gentle.

    Continue west until you cross the A93 east of Aboyne, after a couple of miles you will arrive at a large layby and picnic area beside the Deeside Gliding Club airfield where you can watch gliders being towed up by plane and landing under their own steam. The path leaves the layby at the western end and continues on to Dinnet where it crosses the public road beside the old Dinnet Station, now the estate office for Dinnet Estate.

    As the path continues on the landscape changes to heather and birch trees, an indication that you are approaching an upland area with glimpses of hills and mountains beginning to become more frequent. Eventually the path arrives at Cambus O’ May where you will see the old station building, now a holiday cottage and the impressive suspension bridge  over the River Dee. This a popular picnic spot in the summer popular with locals and visitors. As you leave Cambus you will pass in front of Cutaway Cottage, so called because when the railway was built  a section of the end of the cottage was demolished to allow the trains to pass.

    Passing the Cambus O’ May Cheese Creamery, a short distance further on you will pass Tullich Kirkyard worth a short detour to view the old graves and historic stones. Crossing the A93 again the path approaches  Ballater, eventually winding between houses to finish at the Old Royal Station  now a visitor centre and museum with displays showing the Royal Family’s involvement with the Deeside Line dating back to Queen Victorias time.

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  • Deeside Way - Banchory to Aboyne

    Deeside Way - Banchory to Aboyne is a 21km MTB GPS route for walkers and cyclists along the Deeside way. 

    This the longest section of the Deeside Way and most of the route is not on the old railway line. There are some hilly sections which provide great views over the surrounding countryside.

    Leave the King George V Park onto Dee Street and head south over the river, for walkers there’s a path opposite the bridge up some steps, for cyclists bear left and take the road on the right following the signs for Scolty. Turn right into the forest, past the Forestry Commission car park and follow the waymarkers on forest tracks through Blackhall Forest until you arrive at the Shooting Greens car park. Leave the car park on the path beside the public road heading for Potarch. The route is through Slewdrum Forest and farmland arriving at Potarch at the Green. Head for the Potarch Inn and then bear right over the bridge to another car park where you pick up the path beside the  ‘bus stop. After a couple of miles you arrive at Kincardine O’ Neil, the oldest village on Deeside.

    Go along the main street until you turn up Pitmurchie Road, just before the filling station.The path branches off to the left, keep straight on, through a gate after which the path turns left, along field edges and then climbs up through woodland. Descend to a turning area, cross and then descend steeply through woodland until you reach the bridge over the Dess Burn. The path climbs steeply up to the public road on the other side where you should use the verge for about 70 metres before crossing and rejoining the path at a field gate.

    Cross farm land taking care if there are cows in the field where they get access to water, until you rejoin the old line. Head west until you reach a public road. The Deeside Way currently stops here and to reach Aboyne you will either have to use the road verge of the busy A93 Deeside Road or go over the cattle grid and, using a map, go around the golf course to reach the village centre. The old line ahead is currently blocked, preventing its use. Aberdeenshire Council is currently trying to identify a satisfactory route to complete this section.

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  • Deeside Way - Drumoak to Banchory

    Deeside Way - Drumoak to Banchory is an 11km GPS MTB route for walkers and cyclists along the Deeside Way. 

    Head west out of Drumoak on the pavement beside the A93 and join the path on the left. The path follows the A93 until you reach Crathes, here the path shares the pavement for a short distance before turning left at the road junction. Cross the road at the waymarker onto the private access road. Follow the private road between the houses through a gate and across the old sand and gravel works until you arrive at a car park for the playing fields. Here walkers can cross the old stone pack bridge, cyclists and horses should follow the waymarkers to rejoin the path after the pack bridge.

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