• Conwy and the North Wales Path

    This mountain bike route of 19.1 miles starts from just outside Conwy in North Wales. It contains some hard riding, including a long rocky climb to the summit of Drum mountain at 770m. The pay back is a 3.5 mile descent from the summit and that’s only one of a number of great descents. As well as good riding there are fantastic views across the coast and the Great Orme.

    The ride starts from a car park at a junction on the Sychnant pass road, by Crow's Nest Hall (GR759769). Turn right out of the exit to the car park and follow the singletrack lane away from the road junction, keeping the hill on the right. Stay on the lane and follow it all the way to where it ends to a T-junction (GR764756). Turn right and start the first big climb of the day. Go straight on at the next junction then, after a left then right hand bend, go straight on at the following junction. At a junction with a track on the right follow the lane left over a stream, then bear right past a track on the left. Continue climbing the lane to a forked junction at a house (GR754745). Turn left and follow the sign for the chapel. Ignore the next road on the left and continue climbing the tarmac. Near the top of the hill, by a farm on the right, go straight through a gate and onto the concrete track. A short distance later take the muddy track on the left and follow it to a junction at the top of the climb (GR751738).

    GPS log courtesy of Flattyres-MTB. A full route guide for this ride is available on their website here: Conwy and the North Wales Path